The aftermath of hurricane Harvey


Everything counts 

Hurricane Harvey was a very destructive Atlantic hurricane which hit the United States in August. It has officially affected many people, animals, and caused more than 70 billion dollars’ worth of damage. Thankfully, a lot of organizations and businesses have come together to help and fix the situation. 

Panda Express donated 500,000 dollars which were split between The Tzu-Chi Foundation and the American Red Cross. It has also created in-store donation boxes where their customers can donate as much as they want and help with the cause. Various Panda Express locations were providing food to American Red Cross, doctors and families in hospitals in Texas. Their donation was a great example to other restaurants. Many other organizations which specify in food or drinks industry have also helped. For example, Starbucks donated 250,000 dollars to help restore the places which were affected by the hurricane. 

Different businesses were working together 

When you think of casinos, you usually imagine games, James Bond, adrenaline, and similar things. However, nowadays casinos have showed that they are ready to help people. Indiana Grand Racing & Casino in Shelbyville and Hoosier Park Racing & Casino in Anderson created a campaign which helps those who were affected by the hurricane Harvey. The main idea was to offer players a free play in exchange for donations up to 20 dollars, and the money was used to help animal welfare organizations because many animals have also been affected by the floods. 

Such actions from the casinos raised their reputation among citizens who saw what the hurricane did. Casinos are becoming not only environmental-friendly, but also they are helping to rebuild cities which were affected by natural disasters. Those are just some of the reasons to start looking into the games that they can offer or start practicing by searching for the most popular slots online. Playing casino games actually became a way to help those who suffered from the hurricane Harvey. 

Helping animals after the hurricane 

animals rescue

Such organizations as Austin Pets Alive were looking for even temporary foster homes for dogs and cats which of course could not live outside during the hurricane or during its aftermath. Many people have chosen solidarity, and helped the animals. Moreover, the SPCA of Texas asked for toys, beds, and blankets to help as many animals on the streets as possible.  

It is great to see various organizations helping after the hurricane as much as possible. They are helping animals, people who lost their homes, hospitals, communities in general. No one is left behind after this tragic natural disaster. This is one of the situations when people leave their disagreements behind and work together to help others.  

There were so many ways to help the possible victims of hurricane Harvey. Anything from donating money, furniture, toys or even going to casinos for charity was helping the great cause of restoring the peace. This shows that everyone can stand united when a tragedy hits.