The benefits of being an environmentalist 

December 1, 2017 [email protected] 0

Time for a change  I am sure that by now you already know how important the environment is to me. However, today I would like to talk about something a little bit different, but still related to the cause, as I noticed a big problem in our society. What is it?  Well, the problem is the fact that the number of people who truly take care of the environment is becoming lower and lower. Where did all the environmentalists go?   First of all, I understand that some of you might not even know what a true environmentalist is. I would use this definition for a person who truly cares about protecting the planet and whatever comes with it. These people understand the effect that nature has on us and the effect that we have on it. So, it is all about caring and doing something to change the world. However, as I have mentioned, the number of environmentalists is quite low, and that is why I would like to talk about the benefits of being one.  A post shared by FOLKGREEN 🌲 (@folkgreen) on Nov 30, 2017 at 5:18am PST All in this together  The main issue with not caring […]


The aftermath of hurricane Harvey

October 4, 2017 [email protected] 0

Everything counts  Hurricane Harvey was a very destructive Atlantic hurricane which hit the United States in August. It has officially affected many people, animals, and caused more than 70 billion dollars’ worth of damage. Thankfully, a lot of organizations and businesses have come together to help and fix the situation.  Panda Express donated 500,000 dollars which were split between The Tzu-Chi Foundation and the American Red Cross. It has also created in-store donation boxes where their customers can donate as much as they want and help with the cause. Various Panda Express locations were providing food to American Red Cross, doctors and families in hospitals in Texas. Their donation was a great example to other restaurants. Many other organizations which specify in food or drinks industry have also helped. For example, Starbucks donated 250,000 dollars to help restore the places which were affected by the hurricane.  Different businesses were working together  When you think of casinos, you usually imagine games, James Bond, adrenaline, and similar things. However, nowadays casinos have showed that they are ready to help people. Indiana Grand Racing & Casino in Shelbyville and Hoosier Park Racing & Casino in Anderson created a campaign which helps those who […]


The imperfect adaptations of marine mammals 

September 26, 2017 [email protected] 0

The passage from water to lands emerged is a chapter that never fails in stories about the history of life on Earth, having been a fundamental step for the subsequent evolutionary radiation of many animal and plant species. But even more interesting, from an evolutionary point of view, is to rethink the history of those vertebrate descendants of progenitors who, after adapting to the earthly life, have, so to speak, started to go back from mainland to water. Some, like turtles, even seem to have embarked on this trip several times in both directions, from land to water and back to earth. Some mammals, such as whales and dolphins, have come to the end of this path in the opposite direction (in the sense that it is highly unlikely that their descendants will return to colonize the emerged lands), returning to a completely aquatic life like theirs ancient progenitors. Others stopped a bit earlier along this path, such as seals that, despite having developed anatomy suitable for swimming and diving, still spend a good deal of time on the earth, especially to lighten and nurture the little ones. The return to the aquatic life of these mammals has been made […]

Animal Cruelty

The Real Truth about Animal Cruelty

September 18, 2017 [email protected] 0

Disclaimer: I fully understand that this is a controversial topic. But I feel like both sides are blind with hate and middle men are necessary to bring sanity to the discussion. Animal cruelty is a loaded term that has a lot of misconceptions. Even trophy hunting in places like Africa is misunderstood. I do not agree with it, that’s for sure. But these places have their own rules, own set of problems. Sometimes the $40,000 that a foreigner pays for the hunt can actually help protect the animal rights in those countries. Despite the fact that I disagree with trophy hunting, each case should be looked at individually. Here is what you actually need to know about animal cruelty. How to make everyone hate you Eating meat is not necessarily animal cruelty. To feed our ever-growing population the animals are not treated well and I hope this can be changed soon. However, claiming that only non-meat eaters are animal-loving people is just wrong. Meat is important in a diet of a modern person and that’s the truth. Some animals must be killed Yes, I said it. I do expect to see outrage over this, but again, this is the truth. […]