The Real Truth about Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

Disclaimer: I fully understand that this is a controversial topic. But I feel like both sides are blind with hate and middle men are necessary to bring sanity to the discussion.

Animal cruelty is a loaded term that has a lot of misconceptions. Even trophy hunting in places like Africa is misunderstood. I do not agree with it, that’s for sure. But these places have their own rules, own set of problems. Sometimes the $40,000 that a foreigner pays for the hunt can actually help protect the animal rights in those countries.

Despite the fact that I disagree with trophy hunting, each case should be looked at individually.

Here is what you actually need to know about animal cruelty.

How to make everyone hate you


Eating meat is not necessarily animal cruelty.
To feed our ever-growing population the animals are not treated well and I hope this can be changed soon. However, claiming that only non-meat eaters are animal-loving people is just wrong.

Meat is important in a diet of a modern person and that’s the truth.

Some animals must be killed

Yes, I said it. I do expect to see outrage over this, but again, this is the truth.

Some populations must be controlled. Let the wild sort itself out, sure. But in regions near the suburbs populations of wild animals like wolves, bears, boars etc must be looked after.

You may not like it but in many cases it is us versus them.

Animal Cruelty is a money-making cause

pigs cruelty

It is a great cause but it is also a profitable one. That’s why there is so much evidence of animal cruelty  in organizations like Peta. They have to present the right image.

Honestly, I don’t even care which side you are on.

Maybe what Peta does is hypocritical?

Maybe the goal justifies the means?

Doesn’t matter, we can disagree. But this is the truth about the cause itself.

Same happens with baby seals. I hate hearing about young seals being killed. But for locals this is a means to survive, and has been for hundreds and thousands of years. Shouldn’t we also respect that?

What you can do to fight animal cruelty

Again, as I mentioned, animal protection from cruelty is a profitable business, so if you want to help out, focus on your local organizations. Why donate to companies where your 99c out of every $1 go to the CEO’s new beach house ?

But if you want to help right now without leaving your home, you can play games. On this site you can play various games and, more importantly, support baby seals.

fight animal cruelty


I wish more people understood how the world is not black and white. I get that some people are passionate but add a bit of aggression to the mix and maybe misinformation and things may get out of hand fast.

Dialogue is the only way we can make our world a better place. So, let’s talk.