Seal on the beach: save, do no harm!

seals on beach

End of February – beginning of March – the time of the birth of Baltic seals. And the time of constant meetings of people with these animals on the coast of the Baltic Sea. As a rule, having seen the seal, concerned vacationers call the zoo or try to “save” the animal. This situation is repeated from year to year. We collected the most frequently asked questions about the Baltic seals and tried to give answers to them so that those who met this animal knew how to act properly in such a situation, and above all, not to harm themselves or the animal.

Why do seals come ashore?

Cubs of Baltic seals appear on the ice deep in the sea or on deserted beaches. Due to the general warming of the climate by the end of February, ice in the Baltic, as a rule, is no longer there. Therefore, future mothers increasingly come ashore in search of solitude. But a densely built-up coast and numerous holidaymakers, happy because of pokies download, penetrate the most secluded corners of the coastal strip, and often violate this solitude and are met at the water’s edge or in the stones of new-born seals.

In addition to cubs, sometimes on the shore are also melting young seals. The process of changing the skin from the nursery to the adult takes away a lot of strength from the seal. The animal weakens and, having got into a storm, can strongly beat about coastal stones, and then in search of a rest to go out to the beach.

How to behave when meeting a seal?

seal hello


  1. Approach close and touch the seal. An animal, feeling the danger, can bite!
  2. Drive the seal into the water. Seals are not fish! They breathe in the lungs. Seal for seals is a place for rest and reproduction. On shore, these animals spend several months. Putting seals in the water, you deprive him of the opportunity to rest and gain strength, which can lead to death.
  3. Feed the seal. First, a wild animal for survival in nature should be able to extract food itself. Secondly, a wild animal should not trust people (because people are different). Thirdly, the smell of food can attract dogs. Against a pack of dogs cannot stand even a healthy seal, what to speak of a small or weakened.


  1. Provide the animal with peace.
  2. Explain to others the need to comply with the above rules.
  3. Assess the situation with the help of our tips and, if assistance is not required, retire without drawing attention to the animal.

How to understand that the seal needs my help?

seal help

An animal needs human help if:

  1. It is exhausted.
  2. He has signs of injury: blood, obvious damage.
  3. It is too apathetic: does not react or reacts poorly to people.

ATTENTION! Mucous discharge from the eyes and nose of seals is a protective reaction to sea sand and does not require treatment.

Can I “attach” the seal to the zoo?

Zoos do not always accept seals for the following reasons:

  1. Wild animals and birds are the property of the state. Taking them out of nature is possible only with the permission of the competent state bodies.
  2. The reception of animals from the wild is prohibited by veterinary norms.
  3. Some Zoos in the region do not have sufficient conditions for the high-quality maintenance of a large number of Baltic seals.